The United States of America

Our Location:

Anchorage, Alaska

Airport Information:

Name: Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (PANC)

Elevation: 152 ft.

Runways: 7L/25R, 7R/25L

Yearly Ops: 289,472

METAR: PANC 171253Z VRB03KT 10SM SCT031 OVC095 10/05 A2970 RMK AO2 SLP057 T01000050

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PIREP (Pilot Report):

June 17 1840Z, Anchorage, Alaska
     At FBO in Anchorage getting fuel filters replaced before we proceed down the coast line into State of Washington. Yesterday a day for my permanent memory bank. Woke up to bad weather in Attu and reports of gale force winds south of the entire length of the Aleutians. Thought we were stuck. But further investigation yielded possible route to Cold Bay. Distance was almost 900nm, within Q's range but at the edge. Winds aloft however were favorable with a slight push. Also weather at Cold Bay predicted visual conditions and an ILS as backup if conditions worsened. Our Coast Guard friends saw us off. were in clouds almost instantly but got to clear conditions by FL270. Flight to Cold Bay as our flight plan predicted and we were able to land visually on the 10,000ft runway. Refueled and flew on to Anchorage where we cleared Customs by about 8:30 pm. Stayed at the Captain Cook hotel and ate in the only five star restaurant in Alaska.
     While airborne yesterday, fuel filter warning light came on so we asked for mechanic to examine this morning. Discovered clogged filter probably due to fuel contamination. My guess is that it came from Russia. The fuel truck in Petro looked WW II vintage. Will be here today while mechanic, a very knowledgeable and pleasant guy, replaces some of Q's parts.
     Another interesting aspect of yesterday was listening to air traffic control assist a 747 divert on its way from Anchorage to Japan because of a volcano in Russia that was spewing volcanic ash in the same flight path we had been on only days before. Felt good to be well beyond this area. John and I will spend rest of day looking around Anchorage and return to airport to run up Q's engine later tonight for check of engine before tomorrow's departure. Now looks like a probable return to Palwaukee on Saturday early afternoon - Mike

Local Info:


Population: 279,671, USA: 304,059,724

Landmarks: Anchorage Airport

Currency: US Dollar

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