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Our Location:

Lelystad, Netherlands

Airport Information:

Name: Lelystad Airport (EHLE)

Elevation: -12 ft.

Runways: 5/23

Yearly Ops:


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PIREP (Pilot Report):

May 18, 1040Z, Over Central England 303NM Lelystad:
     Departed Prestwick 45 minutes ago. Spent a longer time on flight planning. Original plans had us at 25,000 but Europe requires special radio equipment we do not have to be above 19,000. Have not told Q. Do not want her to develop a complex. Were given 24 fixes, each of which had to be entered in the Garmin’s. John is complaining of carpel tunnel syndrome. Now at 19,000 (Flight Level 190). Over central England with partial cloud cover so no good visibility of beautiful country-side. Will make quick crossing of Channel to small airport in the Netherlands. Picked this airport because it has a Piper dealer and able to assist if Q needed any kind of help. No problems so will say hello and thanks to Piper for building a mighty fine airship. Expecting some cloud cover in the Netherlands but nothing serious to interfere with landing.
     Everyone in Scotland fantastic. Special thanks again to staff at the FBO (fixed base operator). Very friendly and helpful. Had dinner last evening in a pub as predicted. However this particular pub was in a converted church with most of the religious apparatus still in place. I walked up to the pulpit and almost launched into a sermon on "The Symbology of this Conversion and its Implications for Western Civilization”. However, decided instead to join the lads for a pint. They were in high spirits since their rugby team had just beat the stuffing out of a team in England. Made me want to jump bareback on a horse and cry out "FREEDOM”. Had another pint instead and went to bed satisfied we had crossed the North Atlantic and made a modest effort to improve relations with Old Europe.
     Now over London and being vectored over Hell's half acre. If these guys had been in charge during the 1940's would have had a different result. Need to pay attention so bye for now - Mike

Local Info:


Population: 16,645,313 (Netherlands)

Landmarks: Lelystad Airport

Currency: Euro

Links: Wikipedia - Netherlands