Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong

Airport Information:

Name: Hong Kong International Airport (VHHH)

Elevation: 28 ft.

Runways: 7L/25R, 7R/25L

Yearly Ops: 301,000 movements, 48,582,200 Passengers

METAR: VHHH 011330Z 16007KT 9999 FEW035 27/21 Q1006 NOSIG

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PIREP (Pilot Report):

June 1 1330Z, Hong Kong
     Now in Hong Kong. Completed Southeast Asia portion of journey. Trip today from Hanoi very long- almost five hours in the plane. Over 900 nm. When we got to the airport the controllers had assigned a route crossing China territory. Since I knew we had not received permits to overfly China, called Skyplan and we sorted it out but with a much longer route. Had to fly down to Da Nang over the Gulf of Tonkin and then to the east, south of Hainan Island (sound familiar Roger and Linda?). Because of head winds and length of route we were constantly calculating whether we had fuel to make it. If we did not had decided to land in China and hire some good lawyers. We did get in but had declared a 'minimum fuel status' which tells the controllers we need to land immediately. They were English and very accommodating. Landed on 25L and turned into a Signature FBO (same FBO's we have in the States). Signature had three guys from Customs and Immigration to process us. Took three minutes.
     Tomorrow will fly to Taiwan. A shorter trip.
     Q noted the color of the Chinese flag and was pleased it matches her own colors. Next she will want to accessorize with a different color tires. Might just do that since she deserves much praise for performing so well today - Mike

Local Info:

Hong Kong

Population: 7,018,636

Landmarks: Hong Kong International Airport

Currency: Hong Kong Dollar

Links: Hong Kong Travel Info