Our Location:

Goose Bay, Canada

Airport Information:

Name: Goose Bay Airport

Elevation: 160 ft.

Runways: 8/26, 12/30

Yearly Ops: 32,105

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PIREP (Pilot Report):

May 15, 420nm SW Goose Bay 1628 Z::
     Landed Québec City without incident. Weather was clear so we had a good view of the city setting next to the St. Lawrence. Had strong winds from the west but they were landing using a cross runway. I requested the runway headed into the wind which they granted but later on approach warned of migrating water fowl on the glidepath. We did see them but were well below us. Could have had to practice landing on the river. Stay in QC was brief. Time for fuel and a quick call to Skyplan. Our protocol is to call Skyplan on landing so they know we made that leg and then talk through next leg. After agreeing that weather suitable enroute and at destination I authorize them to file the next flight plan. On the legs over the North Atlantic we will also call ahead to the destination airport to check weather, condition of runway, etc. Weather in Goose Bay will be cloudy and very windy, but again coming down the runway so we avoid the dreaded high wind cross landing.
     Currently at 27,000 and cruising at about 350 miles per hour (wind from 299 at 102 gives us a good tail wind).Only a few clouds so have sight of ground. Lakes are frozen. Enroute forecast is for icing below 25,000 so we should avoid that. Plane has de-icing equipment (heat on the propeller, heat on the windshield, and 'boots' on the wings-devices that expand and pop the ice off the forward edge). Nevertheless, best to stay out of the ice. Should only see in your drink at night.
     Air traffic controllers in Quebec often speak French to the French pilots but of course English to us. On occasion have difficulty understanding through the accent. Just got instructions to "Go to hell" or "Go to Helga". We took a leap in logic and assumed it was Helga, a fix on the high altitude chart. However, given our nationality it really could have been the other. As we progress East John and I have both decided to adopt a more socialist attitude.
     More on arrival at Goose Bay, now showing 50 minutes enroute. - Mike

Local Info:


Population: 30,000

Landmarks: Goose Bay Airport

Currency: Canadian Dollar

Links: Wikipedia

METAR: CYYR 152000Z 27017G25KT 15SM BKN057 BKN070 07/M07 A2979 RMK SC6AC2 VIRGA W-NW SLP089