Our Location:

Rhodes, Greece

Airport Information:

Name: Rhodes International Airport (LGRP)

Elevation: 19 ft.

Runways: 7/25 (10,846 ft)

Yearly Ops:


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PIREP (Pilot Report):

May 21, 1200Z, Over the Greek Islands:
     Have left Rhodes and enroute to Cyprus. No trouble landing at Rhodes and refueling. This time asked for permission to start engine. Nice to not have cars with flashing lights trail you on takeoff.
     The Greek Isles look like worth a trip back. Janice, how about you treat me on our next anniversary? Will be in Cyprus soon so need to study the arrival procedures (something on the 'plates' i.e. the maps of the pre-assigned routes into an airport). Expecting clear below 2,000 so should be able to do a visual approach but nevertheless need to understand the plates because may be asked to follow these routes even if clear weather. Fortunately Q has a great memory and have loaded all this material in her Garmins. All we need to be is smart enough to know how to pull all this up at the right time. That is why all the young pilots at Windy City are great instructors-they played video games as kids and could do this in their sleep. Me , on the other hand, still have black electrical tape over the flashing 1200 on the VCR because I can't figure out how to program the G****M thing. Gives you hope that the next generation will get us through. - Mike

Local Info:

Cruise Ships

Population: 46,700, Cyprus - 792,604

Landmarks: Rhodes International Airport

Currency: Cypriot pound (lira)

Links: Rhodes Travel Info