Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Our Location:

Prague, Netherlands

Airport Information:

Name: Prague-Ruzyně Airport (LKPR)

Elevation: 1247 ft.

Runways: 6/24, 13/31

Yearly Ops: 12,436,254 Passengers

METAR: LKPR 182300Z 29004KT CAVOK 15/11 Q1021 NOSIG RMK REG QNH 1017

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PIREP (Pilot Report):

May 18, 1333Z, 19,000 ft. over Germany 248NM W Prague:
     Just departed Lelystad. A real zoo. Must have been six planes plus a helicopter in the pattern. Had flown directly over Amsterdam at 2,000 so great view of the city. Controller at Schpohl took us to within 15nm of airport and we then contacted field. A different set up than we have in the States with uncontrolled fields. They have a manned tower that gave landing instructions but on your own relative to other traffic. All in all recommend pilots from the Heartland stick to controlled airports.
     Will be in Prague in about 50 minutes. Prediction for possible thunderstorms and we can see some higher clouds in that direction. Will give us a chance to use Q's radar. Looking forward to a day off. Chance to do some laundry and organize plane. Starting to resemble the inside of a 1960's Volkswagen van. For our last leg over the Atlantic John and I decided to not wear the survival suits. Extremely uncomfortable. If engine quits at 25,000 have about 20 minutes to landing. Time enough to don suits and do other preparations. But suits are bulky and taking up lots of space. Nevertheless, good to have. Next water over the Mediterranean.
     One last note about landing in the Netherlands. The airport was 20 feet below sea level. Normally when the instruments show that you are below sea level it means the runway is above you: usually a very bad landing. - Mike

Local Info:

Image by Adam Zivner

Population: 10,235,455 (Czech Republic)

Landmarks: Ruzyne Airport

Currency: Czech Crown

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