Our Location:

Hanoi, Vietnam

Airport Information:

Name: Noi Bai International Airport

Elevation: 39 ft.

Runways: 11L/29R, 11R/29L

Yearly Ops: 3,500,000 Passengers

METAR: VVNB 300300Z 35006KT 290V070 CAVOK 29/18 Q1013 NOSIG

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PIREP (Pilot Report):

May 30 0600Z, Lobby of Metropole Hotel in Hanoi
     Have arrived Hanoi. Trip over from Thailand uneventful. Did not file report from the air per usual for reasons below.
     On arrival in Chiang Mai yesterday greeted on the tarmac by crew from FBO. They were smiling, professionally dressed and a perfect antidote to our past day's experiences. We were through airport in less than five minutes, in the back of a Mercedes and being transported in calm to a beautiful hotel. John and I were both relieved. After a shower and lunch went on tour. At first temple had a holy man sitting in the lotus position so quiet at first thought he was dead. When he finally blinked I almost jumped. If need to ever moonlight could be a great guard at Buckingham. Then went to a temple on top of the mountain I referred to yesterday. Just before top road ends and about 200 steps to temple. At top of steps can find peace, inner tranquility, and clarity of thought. At bottom of steps can find a great tasting corn dog.
     In middle of night corndog bit back and inflicted me with "The Green Apple Two Step". Countered with kaopectate, three pounds of clay and small barrel of wood chips. Was still touch and go as we got the plane so explained situation to Q. She coyly suggested that I wear the rubberized survival suit. Told her we were in this together and all the more reason to make post haste to Hanoi. Trip without incident either in or out of the plane.
     Will stay in Hanoi tomorrow as well. Have been flying every day since Cyprus. Crossed the Middle East, the Sub- continent and now at the edge of South-east Asia. Don't even let truck drivers maintain this pace so welcome a day off. Hotel here recommended by Jeff Stone. Was right that it is beautiful. Took a two hour nap and when I woke laundry already back( one reality of flying every day is that you have to do your own laundry in the sink since most hotels will not turn around before we leave)...
     Report tomorrow on impressions of Hanoi. Steve and John, thinking of you guys - Mike

Local Info:


Population: 6,232,940, Vietnam: 86,116,559


Currency: Dong

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