The United States of America

Our Location:

Attu, USA

Airport Information:

Name: Casco Cove Coast Guard Station (PAAT)

Elevation: 40 ft.

Runways: 2/20, 10/28

Yearly Ops: ?

METAR: No METAR info available

PIREP (Pilot Report):

June 15 0400Z, Attu Island, Coast Guard Station
      Woke up this morning with two problems ( I know I have more than two problems given my checkered past but let's get focused on the flying thing). First problem was fuel: Q didn't have enough to take even a short stroll' Second problem was weather. Solved 50 percent which make me a baseball star. The problem solved was fuel. A very large C130 w as going to be in the neighborhood dropping off some stuff for the Air Force and I hired them (with no little assistance from General Ralston) to bring along three 50 gallon barrels of jet fuel. They landed at Attu at about 5;30 this afternoon and by 6:30 we had refueled Q using a pump they brought with. Our Coast Guard friends gave great assistance by using a large Case unloading fork lift to move the barrels. Not only did they bring fuel, the pilots gave us great advice concerning flying in the Aleutians. Basic rule is be aware of harsh, fickle weather. Also pointed out some emergency runways throughout the Islands. We had planned to fly out after refueling to Adak, the next airport in the chain Spoke numerous times to the airport manager and decided finally to wait to see what develops tomorrow based on his 'out the window' assessment of lowering ceilings to the north. Not many options if visibility too low to land so have to get this right. Have been studying other options and may have yet again Plan B if the winds aloft cooperate. We'll see what tomorrow brings. The guys at this Station couldn't be nicer. Have made a contribution to enable some TV equipment but John and I owe more than can be stated for their hospitality. A few of them have been stationed at Traverse City so fun to talk about Northern Michigan.
     Next report hopefully from further east - Mike

Local Info:


Population: 20, USA: 304,059,724

Landmarks: Aleutian Islands Campaign

Currency: US Dollar

Links: Attu Info