Our Location:

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Airport Information:

Name: Chiang Mai International Airport (VTCC)

Elevation: 1,036 ft.

Runways: 18/36 (10,171 ft)

Yearly Ops: ?

METAR: VTCC 290600Z 17005KT 9999 BKN032 BKN110 31/22 Q1008 A2977

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PIREP (Pilot Report):

May 29 0353Z, Over Myanmar 350NW Chiang Mai, Thailand:
     Left Calcutta one hour ago. Flew over Bangladesh delta region and now crossing mountains of Myanmar. The old Burma Hump that my uncle flew in WW II to resupply the Chinese. Hard to believe that he was here so many years ago. Expecting to arrive destination in about two hours. Weather clear but forecasted thunderstorms this afternoon. Pretty much same forecast every day now that we are in monsoon season. One reason we have planned early flights each day. Also, if you are to have problems of any type, best to find out early. Destination airport adjacent next to tallest mountain top in Thailand so will need care in our approach. Not a good time to deviate from standard procedures.
     On way to Calcutta yesterday we were handed off to Katmandu Controller. He was very helpful. Gave us altitude, heading, and meaning of life.
      Calcutta landing was a VOR approach and once through clouds at 2500 made normal landing. Not as hot on the temp scale as Delhi (only 40) but very humid. Think sauna gone wild. Some evidence of damage from prior days storm (downed trees, destroyed billboards, etc). But over- whelming impression is of crowding and immense poverty. People living in small hovels everywhere. Seemed to be no place where people not crowded in terrible conditions. Very sobering and frankly depressing. I roll with most life experiences but this really sets you back, especially when you consider how many people in the world live this way. How lucky we are.
     Gave Q a sponge bath at the airport using water bottle and cloth I had stored. She was dusty and hot and needed the spa treatment. Made me feel better as well.
     On the way to Thailand where we expect much better situation. Have been told it is beautiful. Now crossing Mandalay. Make a soft right turn and will arrive in an hour. A number of airports in the immediate vicinity of where we are going. I suspect a residue of the Vietnam War. If you are looking at your atlas notice how close we are to Vietnam border our fighters used these bases for bombing runs. Now used to fly in tourists. Be interesting what locals think is worse - Mike

Local Info:

Chiang Mai

Population: 148,477, Thailand: 63,038,247

Landmarks: Chiang Mai International Airport (VTCC)

Currency: Thai baht

Links: Chiang Mai Travel Info