Saudi Arabia

Our Location:

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Airport Information:

Name: King Khalid International Airport (OERK)

Elevation: 2,049 ft.

Runways: 15R/33L, 15L/33R

Yearly Ops: 64,516

METAR: OERK 241700Z 14003KT CAVOK 37/M02 Q1006 NOSIG

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PIREP (Pilot Report):

May 24 1700Z, Riyadh Lobby:
     John and I have just knocked back our fourth Shirley Temple. I am so sober it hurts
     Flight today was tiring. Fair amount of difficulty understanding the controllers. Their cadence is different than we have encountered and they also sequence their information differently. Also had two legs with a stop for fuel so a number of hours in the air. Finally, it is hot as hell. After landing here they had us in a car to the terminal where they took our passports (still have them; we have a crew member permit good for 72 hours after which the permit says the crew will be treated with extreme prejudice). I decided to get fuel so went back to plane to watch that process and sign the necessary papers. Air temp was 114 and I am sure hotter on the tarmac. Took one hour to complete process. Drank three bottles of water while waiting and still feel dehydrated (Shirley Temples are helping restore my metabolic balance).
     Hotel is nice. Took a long swim. Although we wore suits, pretty clear no women allowed. Quick take is that this is not a user friendly place for Western women. As for my woman Q, jerry rigged a sun screen for the cockpit so hope she won't fry her circuits. If we take off tomorrow and she won't go anywhere but Iceland I guess I will understand. Dubai tomorrow. Relatively short flight so should be able to see some of the city. Riyadh did not seem to have many sites to tour although too hot to even contemplate. A little reading and off to bed. Early morning tomorrow - Mike

Local Info:


Population: 4,700,000, Saudi Arabia ~ 27,601,038

Landmarks: King Khalid International Airport (OERK)

Currency: Saudi riyal (SAR)

Links: Riyadh Travel Info