Saudi Arabia

Our Location:

Medina, Saudi Arabia

Airport Information:

Name: Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport (OEMA)

Elevation: 2,151 ft.

Runways: 17/35, 18/36

Yearly Ops:?

METAR: OEMA 240800Z 00000KT CAVOK 37/M05 Q1010 NOSIG

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PIREP (Pilot Report):

May 24, 0639Z, over the Red Sea 268nm NW Medina:
     Departed Sharm El Sheik about 50 minutes ago. At FL 230. Had requested FL 270 but denied because of military activity. Relatively short flight so fuel not an issue. Have nevertheless dialed back to TAS (true air speed- speed at which you move through the air at altitude as distinguished from ground speed and indicated airspeed) of 200 knots. One hour to airport. Now in contact with Saudi Control. Just heard exchange with Blue Flight 71,, an American KC10 extender and six F-16's. Controller just told us to expect FL 190 after the next fix. I suspect to clear space for the Home Team.
     Q was a bit sluggish this morning because of the heat (unlike the Russian girls on the beach yesterday). Was about 90 degrees when we left. Planes like dense air and density diminishes with heat and altitude. However had a good headwind and long runway so no problem. After takeoff flew the runway heading as instructed until we received vectors from departure control. They corkscrewed us up to 7,000 and then sent us on our way.
     Will just refuel in Medina. In some ways too bad. Would have enjoyed wearing the red fez and driving the go-cart in the 4th of July parade. This is where those guys train, right?
     The resort was quite nice. However at dinner last night had a shameless belly dancer. Flailing breasts and undulating hips. So disgusting we could only watch five hours..
     This morning the guys from the FBO picked us up at 7am. Asked for my knife back. Must have stored it on a military base because took 20 minutes to recover. Guess the knife will stay in the plane from now on. That's ok because with our black flight suits we seem to be taken for some type of commando unit. They either won't mess with us or I will have brought a knife to a gun fight - Mike

Local Info:

Photo Taken by Ali Mansuri

Population: 1,300,000, Saudi Arabia ~ 27,601,038

Landmarks: Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Airport (OEMA)

Currency: Saudi riyal (SAR)

Links: Medina Travel Info