Our Location:

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Airport Information:

Name: Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport (HESH)

Elevation: 143 ft.

Runways: 4L/22R, 4R/22L

Yearly Ops: 59,264

METAR: HESH 240800Z 02018KT CAVOK 30/10 Q1012 NOSIG

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PIREP (Pilot Report):

May 23, Over Mediterranean, 316NM NW Sharm El Sheikh
     Forty minutes out of Larnaca, Cyprus. Have just been handed off to Cairo Approach. Having trouble understanding but just got confirmation of waypoints we expected. All is good.
     New routing from what we expected last evening. Now will enter Egypt about mid-way between Suez Canal and the Nile. Will proceed south until we hit the Nile then turn left and proceed airport. It is on tip of the Sinai on the Red Sea.
     Back at FL270. Q is an entirely different woman at altitude compared with lower. At 270 she eats watercress sandwiches daintily-at below 200 she uses both hands and devours entire hams..Even with a 40nm head wind we are showing a reserve of two hours.
     Many of you have inquired who is flying the plane when I write these inane reports. Have two backups: John and Otto. John you know (the guy who is still gloating about kicking my arse in bowling). Otto is the auto pilot (whom I can beat in bowing). The closely held secret in the aviation community is that Otto does most of the flying. The humanoids just watch and occasionally give Otto new instructions. However, John and I do take everything in the air quite seriously notwithstanding what you may imagine from these reports. Too many chances to fowl the works if you do not pay very close attention. Thus, when I write, I first say to John 'It's your plane'. He then says "It's my plane." I then say "It's your plane." In that way we change who is the pilot in command (PIC). It is the PIC who flies the plane and makes all command decisions. The copilot is to assist , make recommendations, but not take the controls. Because of John's considerably greater experience/expertise, we worked out before we left the States that in the event of an emergency he would become the PIC. An airplane is a very poor place to misunderstand your relative capabilities (this observation may also work on the ground).In all events, we have it covered as I write.
     Have now crossed the Egyptian coast. Will be looking for the Nile - Mike

May 23, 1045Z, Hotel in Sharm El Sheikh:
     Have arrived hotel. Very nice accommodations and beautiful view of the Red Sea.
     After last report, started getting re-vectored. Took us directly over Cairo where John got a picture of the Pyramids. Then sent across desert to this place. Brought us down quickly after we crossed a rugged mountain range, caught ILS 04L and landed. Before the tower would let us taxi to parking had to verify who we were, where we had come in from, and where we are headed next. Must have checked out because we were told to proceed behind a follow-me car. Refueled on the tarmac. Have decided to refuel immediately after landing so if there are any issues we handle today instead of having confusion before departure. Lot of staff, officials to meet/greet us. All very friendly. We showed them map of our route while waiting for fuel truck. Then fired up Q and taxied to a hanger. Large enough to turn around inside which we did. Not worried about Q tonight. These guys have ways of discouraging philandering. On entrance to terminal we were checked for swine flu per their signs. Guys with medical garb stuck thermometers in our ears. Guess it could have been worse. We passed.
     Told that place is filled with Russians. Lots of sign of new construction now halted. Very security oriented. Police at the hotel and could not enter except through metal detector. Seized my knife I carry in flight suit for emergencies. Told I would get back on departure. Going to lunch then for swim - Mike

Local Info:

Photo taken by Ian Sewell, Dec. 2004

Population: 28,000, Egypt ~ 76,000,000

Landmarks: Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport

Currency: Egyptian pound (EGP)

Links: Sharm El Sheikh Travel Info