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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Airport Information:

Name: Dubai International Airport (OMDB)

Elevation: 62 ft.

Runways: 12L/30R, 12R/30L

Yearly Ops: 260,530


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PIREP (Pilot Report):

May 25 0604Z, Over Saudi Arabia 356NM NE Dubai
     Departed Riyadh 45 minutes ago. No trouble at airport. Have passports back. Flight plan again changed but now starting to expect that. Stayed in FBO until we were satisfied we understood everything and then fired Q up to get the air-conditioning on. Q seemed to have survived the heat ok. Had a frank discussion with her before we left. Since we will be only 70 miles outside Iranian airspace told her that if she lost navigation instruments we would land immediately and I would trade her for two camels. She seems to be very focused. On the climb out did not clear haze level until FL150, over 13,000 feet of fine particles of sand. Breathing that stuff must be the equivalent of a pack of Camels every day.
     Just transferred to Bahrain Control. Very good English. Will cross out into the Gulf just north of Doha. Then to middle of water way and south direct into Dubai. Dubai has two large adjacent airports. Will be focused on landing on the correct one (the one to the south i.e. to the left when facing Iran). Would hate to have to say 'Never mind' and go to the other one.
     Only a very quick impression of the Saudi's. The staff, which I believe to not be Saudi's, were very friendly and helpful. The guys in the headdresses and white gowns were much distant. Rode the elevator with one young man who didn't acknowledge us at all. Would guess these guys do not fully appreciate the sacrifices being made by those F16 pilots yesterday. However, their white dress immaculate. Have not seen anything that starched since childhood neighbor got lit up drinking fermented apple cider.
     Coming on to Dubai and the airways heating up. More later - Mike

Local Info:

Image by Imre Solt

Population: 2,262,000, UAE ~ 4,621,399

Landmarks: Dubai International Airport (OMDB)

Currency: UAE dirham

Links: Dubai Travel Info