Our Location:

Reykjavík, Iceland

Airport Information:

Name: Reykjavík Domestic Airport (Reykjavíkurflugvöllur)

Elevation: 45 ft.

Runways: 1/19, 6/24, 13/31

Yearly Ops: 82,886

METAR: BIRK 162100Z 36004KT CAVOK 14/02 Q1019

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PIREP (Pilot Report):

May 16, 1720Z 394nm SW Narsarsuaq, Greenland:
     Left Narsarsuaq one hour ago- another three hours to Iceland. Encountering stiff head wind so have had to dial back power to conserve fuel. Ground speed only 169. Have one hour fuel reserve but monitoring closely.
     Had some excitement coming into Greenland. The young pilot I referred to in my last report had left Goose Bay before us flying in tandem with another small plane. When we were about 45 minutes out we heard emergency call from other plane- was going to run out of fuel and not make land. We were able to get in contact with our new acquaintance to verify he was ok but he was quite concerned. Greenland authorities scrambled a helicopter and boats for the rescue. We did confirm he landed in the water and they rescued him but do not know what became of plane. A sobering moment.
     The landing at Narsarsaq was again into a strong wind- 35 knots. But right down the runway so was actually a good condition since runway being repaired and we had usable of only 2800 vs. normal 6000. Runway at end of fiord and up against a glacier so a spectacular sight but I would say high on the pucker scale.
     All of Greenland has 60,000 population; 140 of them live in Narsarsuaq. If you want to go to the next town you do so by helicopter or boat; no roads. Of the 140 people, 80 work at the airport.
     Had a brief stay at the airport. Ate lunch consisting of peanut butter sandwich and tangerines. Offered to share with the airport controller. Didn't seem much interested in peanut butter but accepted the tangerine. I doubt a lot of fresh fruit arrives with any frequency.
     Back to focusing on the head winds. Have picked up so interest factor increasing - Mike

Local Info:

Image by Jennifer Boyer

Population: 120,000

Landmarks: Reykjavík Airport

Currency: Icelandic Krona

Links: Wikipedia