Our Location:

Larnaca, Cyprus

Airport Information:

Name: Larnaca International Airport (LCLK)

Elevation: 6 ft.

Runways: 4/22 (9,776 ft)

Yearly Ops: 48,056


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PIREP (Pilot Report):

May 21, 0350Z, Hotel lobby in Cyprus:
     Have arrived Cyprus. Last report gave light hearted version of our experience in Bucharest. Actually quite glad to have moved on. Appears to me to be a tough place; tong man mentality. Had the impression they would not be easy to deal with if they thought you had broken their rules. Since I have trouble following the rules in the States, would probably not do well there.
     Long day of flying so both John and I glad for another day of not travelling by air. Have hired car and driver for tomorrow to explore. Every day we move at least one time zone. Body clock being stressed. At this rate we will lose an entire day by the time we get home. Hmmmmmm.
     Q performing like a champ. Somewhat worried about the stresses on her in the days to come. Was 115 in Saudi Arabia yesterday. Have been informed they have no hangar space for her. Probably heard of her antics in Prague. With that heat could fry her brains. Will rig up some type of shield so sun does not beat directly on her instrument panel. Might also use 30 sun block.
     Dad, tell Joseph that we flew directly over Macedonia and were directed by their Air Traffic Control. Joseph owns a restaurant in the town where Janice and I grew up and my father, mother-in-law, and brother-in-law still live. Joseph came to the States from Macedonia. World can be a big place and yet not really.(Would someone send this to Dad using another medium since he refuses to get a computer.)
     Final note; air traffic controllers in Bulgaria have done an amazing thing- they have all adopted the accents of Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd in Two Wild and Craze Guys. Would have complimented them but afraid we couldn't outrun the missiles. - Mike


Local Info:


Population: 46,700, Cyprus - 792,604

Landmarks: Larnaca International Airport

Currency: Cypriot pound (lira)

Links: Larnaca Travel Info