Our Location:

Faroe Islands, Denmark

Airport Information:

Name: Vágar Airport (EKVG)

Elevation: 280 ft.

Runways: 13/31

Yearly Ops: 219,329 Passengers


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PIREP (Pilot Report):

May 17, 1536Z, 254nm N Prestwick:
     On the way to Scotland. At 25,000 above clouds, only 79nm from being over the UK. Should arrive in about one hour and will have completed crossing the North Atlantic. Just a few oceans to go.
     Flight into Faroe Islands was amazing. Airport is named Vagar and sits at end of an inlet between very high peaks. Had cloud cover down to 1500 feet. When we came out John and I both reached for the Rosary Beads. Unfortunately neither of us is Catholic so we grabbed other things. Again, strong winds but down the runway. Runway was wet in light rain but well lighted. Actually one of my better landings. Like our other encounters, the people at the airport were terrific. Went into the tower to do our flight planning and filing. John has a picture of our hosts which we will post. If you reading this, thanks guys.
     Just switched over to Scottish Control ATC. No surprise that they sound very Scottish. Just gave us new routing to airport. So far procedures have been very similar to the States. Give the barometric pressure in millibars so have the conversion table handy since we enter in inches. Since that particular instrument sets the altitude, real need for accuracy. Given conditions will do an instrument approach to the airport. They have an ILS (left-right and up-down guidance) into Runway 13 to which we have been assigned.
     Since we missed lunch at Vagar, we had peanut butter sandwiches and tangerines in the plane. Definitely need a new catering service. Pub food tonight. -Mike

Local Info:

Image by Erik Christensen

Population: 48,797

Landmarks: Vágar Airport Airport

Currency: Danish krone

Links: Wikipedia - Faroe Islands