Our Location:

Karachi, Pakistan

Airport Information:

Name: Jinnah International Airport (OPKC)

Elevation: 100 ft.

Runways: 7R/25L, 7L/25R

Yearly Ops: ?

METAR: OPKC 261025Z 23010KT 7000 SKC 35/26 Q 996 NOSIG

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PIREP (Pilot Report):

May 26 0737Z, Over Arabian Sea 364NM W Karachi
     Just left Muscat, Oman and have climbed to FL 270. Outside air temp negative 19C. Was 45C on the Muscat tarmac. Think baking cookies. Hour and one half from Pakistan.
     Interesting arrival into Dubai yesterday. Had received clearance for ILS 30L but Otto didn't capture the localizer. While we were rectifying this problem, went to put gear down but gear down indication light did not come on. Thought Q was having a stroke. Had to call tower and declare a missed approach because of gear issue. Remember that Dubai is a huge airport, the size of O’Hare. We asked tower if they could see if gear down. They could not but asked a passenger jet pilot at the end of the runway if he could see situation. He reported gear not down. Now everyone focused. We were immediately asked if we needed emergency assistance. Said no, not at this time until we could assess situation and asked for vectors which were promptly and coolly given. While being vectored had time to once again inspect instrument panel. Discovered our day-night panel light on night and thus showing a light so dim that not able to see in daylight. Gear was in fact working. Put down without any further issues. For a moment had a vision of Q debuting arrival Dubai on a runway of foam.
     Impression of Dubai is that it looks like a Middle East version of Shanghai. Hundreds of large skyscrapers lifting out of the desert. Impressive architecture. Have the only five star hotel in the world, owned by the King of the UAE. John will post pictures. What was interesting is that we saw no people other than those driving (traffic was heavy), and construction workers. Although it was very warm would still have expected to see a few people out and about but not the case. So who lives and works in all those buildings? An amazing amount of new construction, more I would say than what I have seen in Shanghai. Would also appear to be a consumer's paradise. Shops and shopping centers everywhere. Obviously a very wealthy place. I wonder what would happen if we ever figure out a way to feed Q using fuel from cornstalks. When you are paying $4 for gas, think of Dubai.
     Got up early and left Dubai at 0800 Z. Trip to Muscat along coast line and took a little over one hour. No problem in the landing. Met on the tarmac by a fellow in a long black beard. Not sure what to expect but got out of plane, walked over to him, shook hands, and told him I was jealous of his black beard. He laughed and we got on just fine. Later came out with ice cream bars for us. Another chap was from Sri Lanka and drove us in an air conditioned Toyota truck to file our next flight plan. Everyone quite relaxed.
     Now about an hour from Pakistan and hearing a lot of military traffic on the radio. Suspect this will be an interesting place - Mike

Local Info:


Population: 18,000,000, India: 1,147,995,904

Landmarks: Jinnah International Airport

Currency: Rupee

Links: Karachi Travel Info